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Mango Coconut Overnight Oats

Mango Coconut Overnight Oats

Feeds 1 | Preparation time 5 minutes + overnight soak

What to do:

  • Stir together all the ingredients and leave in a sealed jar overnight or for 8 hours.
  • In the morning, stir the oats and add a splash more milk if needed and serve with your desired toppings.


  • 40g Oats

  • 10g Chia seeds

  • 10g Coconut

  • 240 ml Coconut milk

  • 80g Mango

  • Toppings: Coconut yoghurt, kiwi, cherries, coconut, dried goldenberries, dried goji berries, buckwheat, syrup.

Chia seeds

Named after the Mayan word meaning ‘strength’, our Chia seeds are tiny but mighty. Add these versatile seeds to your every day meals for a tasty crunch and a sprinkle of plant-based protein.

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  • Vegan
  • Gluten free